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Let's talk about plant sunscreen

The Hortivision 315w 'QMH 10K Finishing Lamp' is beautifully designed for the connoisseur gardener! This unique CMH 10k technology uses optimised amounts of UV-A and UV-B to heavily increase essential oil and resin production from your crops.

This means your flowers will smell better, your fruit will taste superior and your herbs will have a higher potency in the kitchen! 

We have just landed the 315w bulbs from Hortivision! Ask your local retailer for the 10k Finisher today! 

Supplemental UV-A and UV-B light radiation energy has been scientifically proven to increase flavonoid levels (Tevini et al, 1991) and can help you drastically improve the quality of your harvest! These lamps output intense ultraviolet light energy specifically catering to the final stages of plant growth. The plant will development more flavonoids and terpenes which act as a form of 'sunscreen' to protect the epidermal tissue. 

Bulbs that include higher ratios of UV-A &  UV-B are designed for use in the final two weeks of generative growth (flowering). This will ensure dry biomass is maintained while essential oil and resin production is boosted. 

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