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Please Avert your eyes.

Have you ever been strolling down the street and strangers seem to give you a funny look? A quick suggestive glance and maybe a slight frown?

Do I smell? Is it me?! 

Unfortunately there are unwanted odours in modern society and it is our responsibility to keep them safely enclosed. The new range from Avert Bags promises to provide you with the ultimate in odour-locking technology. Using advanced carbon lining and calculated design features, the Avert range will help you get to your destination. 

Ranging from a convenient pocket-bag to a heavy-duty 95L duffle bag, there is an Avert solution to your needs. 

 Avert bag range with logo

Avert has cleverly incorporated lockable water-resistant zips alongside their new form of activated carbon, ensuring you can travel safely without worry of leaking unwanted scents. Available December 2016. 

View the newest range from Avert Bags in our Accessories page

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  • Great questions Paul!

    The bag can be stored in a cool, dark cupboard when not in use to extend activated carbon lifespan. Avoid airflow and heavy odours, and always make sure the zips are sealed when not in use.

    The carbon cannot be replaced as it’s specially designed to be layered within the fabric inner and outer covers.

    The lifespan of the bag heavily depends on the user, and how smelly their loads are! ;)

    Tom (Stealth Garden) on
  • Hi I’m wondering how do you store the bag so it last longer.

    Can you replace the carbon at all of its a throw away.

    How long on average the carbon holds in the smell in the bag before it will escape.

    Thanks Paul.
    Paul on