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The new culture of cultivation!

Current Culture H2O is the worlds leading hydroponic system manufacturer. Based in California, they design, build and distribute systems for medical-grade growers. Their patented 'under-current' recirculating systems are the highest grade of production horticulture and built without compromise. 

Current Culture systems will be available in Australia from 2017, we are proud to exclusively distribute these systems to Australian and New Zealand stores. Cultivators can experience new standards in fast growing, healthier hydroponic systems and efficient cultivation. 

The Current Culture systems will be available in several sizes for either hobby or commercial applications. 

WARNING: These systems will provide faster growth with larger plants than you have previously experienced, please plan adequately for rapid and powerful plant development! 

Learn more at the Current Culture website here or check out our product listings here.

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  • Mate I saw yourvan in Colac & I’ want to have a healthier life everyone calls me Gavin :-D
    Hope to hear from you soon

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  • COOL looking forward to the Current Culture Systems.
    Merry Christmas..

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