The Hemp Lady

An expertly hand crafted skin care range that provides Premium Quality Natural skin care. Uniquely formulated using the highest percentage of naturally derived ingredients and harnessing the organic, super charged power of plants to ensure that you only use the best on your skin.


The Hemp Lady range is free of harmful chemicals, parabens and pesticides, and only the purest ingredients are used to create this revolutionary skincare range that is sustainable and ethical.


Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil (which features in every product) has the amazing ability to moisturize, nourish and condition the skin. It works well to treat dehydrated skin and reverse the e ects of oil loss that causes dry skin. It’s super absorbent, non-greasy and is hypoallergenic.


And it’s not just for the ladies. Whether you’re hitting the gym, getting new ink, growing some dreads or grooming a beard, The Hemp Lady has you covered.